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Individual Voluntary Arrangement fees

We will only charge you a fee if your Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is proposed and accepted by your lenders.

Fees are paid out of – not in addition to – your regular affordable monthly payments.

Once your IVA has been accepted, the fees you pay will be:

Nominee's fee

This fee covers our professional costs and charges for arranging your IVA including:

It will typically be between £1000 and £2700 and is often capped to an amount equal to your first 4-6 months’ IVA payments, or it may be a fixed amount as instructed by your lenders.

The Nominee's fee will be taken as instructed by lenders at the virtual meeting that determines whether the IVA will be accepted. The lenders usually decide to either allow the Nominee fee to be taken before payments to your lenders or will instruct us to take the Nominee fee alongside making small payments to them from your third monthly payment.

Supervisor's fees

The Supervisor’s fees cover the ongoing work involved in running your IVA and is calculated as a percentage of "realisations": typically it is charged at 15–18% of any money received by the Supervisor and distributed to your lenders, such as your monthly contributions, any assets (e.g. the equity in your property, successful PPI misselling claims) and windfalls (e.g. an inheritance) that you receive during the term of your IVA. Your lenders will decide the percentage or amount that can be charged as a Supervisor fee.


We are also entitled to claim back the cost of certain expenses (such as postage, insurance, etc) incurred directly in connection with the running of your IVA.

The amount of our fees will be clearly set out in your IVA Proposal. They must be approved, and may be changed before it is accepted, by your lenders.

The average fees for our IVAs accepted in the last 12 months (as at September 2021) are currently expected to be:
Nominee's fees £1,475
Supervisor's fees £1,361
Cost /expenses £604

If your circumstances improve

If your circumstances improve during your IVA, the maximum you will repay is your original debt, plus statutory interest, plus our fees as agreed at the time your IVA was approved by your lenders.

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